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USP Labs – OxyElite Protein Premium Milk Protein Isolate Based Advanced Leaning Protein – 907 g

  • Amino Acid Blends – Due to a test developed in the 1800s (Yes, the 1800s) and still used today, certain non-essential filler amino such as glycine, alanine, and taurine can be added to protein because when analyzed using these dated tests they increase the total nitrogen content of the product, which makes it appear as having more protein than it really does. Run, don’t walk, from amino blends added to protein products.
  • Low % Whey Concentrates (especially when listed as the first ingredient in protein blend) – Did you know that all whey protein concentrate is not created equal? Whey protein concentrate is available between 34% – 80% protein content, meaning unless your protein label specifically states what % it is, you may be consuming the cheap stuff that has higher lactose (milk sugar) and other unwanted byproducts that are sold to the animal feed industry.
  • Maltodextrin (i.e. glucose polymers) – While not technically a sugar, this additive can act like one and registers higher on the Glycemic Index scale than a slice of white bread.
  • Creamers (with corn syrup solids & hydrogenated fats) – You know that thick, fatty liquid polluted with corn syrup solids and evil hydrogenated fats some put in their coffee? Yeah, it’s in many proteins as well because it’s cheap and improves taste (it’s also loaded with fat and sugar).