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RC King Mass 15 Lb’s

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: A Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Product Great Taste That Feeds Your Muscles to Keep You Growing! 30g Protein

RC – Yeah Buddy Pre-Workout Energy Power – Energy, Stamina and Focus Supplement with Beta-Alanine, 420mg Caffeine – 60 Servings

Original price was: ₨12,000.00.Current price is: ₨8,499.00.
  • 420mg time release caffeine to avoid the dreaded pre-workout crash.
  • Teacrine 40 mg to provide energy, and mental clarity, and improve motivation and mood.
  • 4 G L-citrulline to help support normal oxygen and blood circulation.
  • Extreme Energy with No Crash.
  • Laser Focus.
  • Intense Clean Energy.
  • Enhance Performance.
  • Lasting Endurance.
  • Caffeine 420mg, Teacrine 40mg, Dynamite 40mg, L-Citrulline 4g (per serving).